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Hello, I'm , and I'm a at . After , I became a at . There .

I then moved to where . , and I find that I'm learning something new as a every day.

. I love helping people grow which is what I did at , and I love doing it. . . . . . . My motto is "".

I am now looking to for a position. When it comes to working as a , I love everything about it. It combines the soft stuff with the hard stuff . .

I'm soliciting for the opinions of business people about my career choice as a in .

What do you think?


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0. Welcome [name]. Please describe something interesting about your job at [employer].

1. [name], what was the name of your previous employer before [employer_short]?

2. What was your job title at [employer_previous]?

3. What did you do at [employer_previous]?

4. [name], what is the field you want to work in?

5. [name], what is the kind of company or organization you want to work in?

6. What is the job title you want?

7. What are, (up to three) benefits the [listener] would get after hiring you as a [title_future]?

8. Where (location) would you prefer to work?

9. What is an example of a project or interesting work you have done at [employer_short] or [employer_previous]?

10. What is an example of you working with people?

11. What is an example of you working with information at [employer_short] or [employer_previous]?

12. What is an example of you working with things?

13. How many years (or months) of relevant experience have you had?

14. Describe any volunteering or current education especially if/when you were out of work?

15. What work or life experience qualifies you for your (next) job?

16. How are you better at meeting the specific requirements of your type of job?

17. What could you add beyond typical requirements for a job?

18. What educational accomplishment do you have that is relevant to future job?

19. What are you passionionate about?

20. What slogan or motto would sum you up?

21. Where on the Internet could they find more about you?

22. Finished

23. End

24. Your full name

25. Your first name

26. Your current title

27. Your current employer

28. Your current employer's short name

29. Your current field